Mobile App

A porkin' good app that will rock your taste buds and reward your visits!

Get rewarded with various porky food items, beverages & merchandises. On top of that, it also allows online reservation & the best part of all, its absolutely FREE!

Benefits Available Now

  • Stamp collection system with rewards (up to a FREE sharing platter).
  • Online reservation.
  • Access our full list of outlets.
  • Browse through our full menu & pricing.
  • Be updated with our current & upcoming promotions.
  • Stamp collection system with rewards:
    - for any set lunch purchase
    - for birthday celebrations

Food Rewards

3 x
= FREE Oink Oink Mug or 1 Glass Carlsberg
5 x
= FREE Chilli Cheese Nachos or Smokin' Duck Salad
7 x
= FREE Set Lunch or 1 Pint Hoegaarden
9 x
= FREE Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger
11 x
= FREE 1/2 slab Sticky Bones Spare Ribs
13 x
= FREE Full slab Sticky Bones Spare Ribs
15 x
= FREE Ribs Sampl3r Platter